Oct 162014

By Marcia Moore

Who should go to a spiritual director?

Marcia Moore

As Christians we are on a journey leading to eternal life. In the same way we prepare for any journey, we need a map and directions or a GPS to lead us to our destination. Frankly, some­times the map is best.
When my children went to school for the first time, I guided them by the hand, walked with them for several days until I was sure they could find the way on their own.
If you are wondering, “Should I have a spiritual director?” Consider whether you fall into one of the following groups of people who seek spiritual direction.
• Christians who live their faith and want more.
• Christians who have a sense of something missing.
• Christians who may be going through a transition in their lives and feel a need for balance.
• Beginners in the faith who want guidance.
• Those advanced in their spiritual journey and are striving toward holiness.
We can look to one of the great doctors of the Church for the final answer. St. Teresa of Avila said that every Christian should be guided by a learned director. May the Holy Spirit lead you in finding the spiritual director that’s meant for you.
(Marcia Moore, M.S. Ed., is a longtime professional Christian therapist and certified Spiritual Director who founded Eagles’ Wings to provide counseling from a Christian perspective. She is a member of St. Alphonsus Parish, Davenport.)

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