Oct 022014

To the Editor:
We are living in a very troubled world! Nature itself is even trying to warn us to change our ways, but do we listen? No! We ignore the signs.
Back in the time of Moses, God gave us the Ten Commandments to live by. They are the same today as they were then. God has never changed them because God never makes mistakes. But we human beings have! Money, power and greed have replaced God. We make our own laws that allow sinful deeds to become legal, such as abortion. Abortion is the greatest sin against God.
With abortion, we are refusing his precious gift of life. We have allowed over 50 million innocent babies to be killed. Yet, we are appalled when the terrorists, ISIS, kill innocent people. Since when do we have the right to kill?
This whole war is a battle between good and evil. The devil is having a field day with us. He wants us to keep him company in hell. We can put a stop to this. We need a spiritual awakening. We need to turn back to our God for forgiveness. We need to change our hearts and minds. We need to uphold the dignity of all human life — young and old.
Ruth Weber

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