May 142015

To the Editor:
Vocation prayers for our wonderful priests are prayed almost constantly. My vocation prayer is to tell the priest, “Thank you for being a priest” almost every chance I get. But here is another idea for a vocation prayer that I hope many will accomplish.
Proceed to the website of the Diocese of Davenport,, and open up the parishes tab. There, you will find all the parishes listed by city and the priest presently assigned to celebrate Mass and change the bread and wine into the body and blood of Jesus Christ. The hands of the priest are consecrated and this is the great gift of Christ to his church.
Find the name of a wonderful priest that you recognize and write him a note of thanks for his vocation. Without the priest at Mass we would not have the Blessed Sacrament.
Maybe, just maybe, if we Catholics show more appreciation for this blessed vocation of our priests, vocations would increase.
God bless all our priests. I thank you for your vocation.
Bill Grothus


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