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Effective Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rev. William D. Roush, newly-ordained, to parochial vicar of SS. John & Paul Parish, Burlington.

Rev. Guillermo Treviño, Jr., newly-ordained, in accord with Can 517§1, assigned along with Very Rev. Paul J. Appel, JCL and Rev. Christopher R. Young in solidum to the parishes of St. Alphonsus, Davenport; St. Mary, Davenport; and St. Peter, Buffalo, with residence at St. Alphonsus Parish.

* Canon 517 – §1. When circumstances require it, the pastoral care of a parish or of different parishes together can be entrusted to several priests in solidum, with the requirement, however, that in exercising pastoral care one of them must be the moderator, namely, the one who is to direct the joint action and to answer for it to the bishop.

Martin Amos Deacon David Montgomery
Bishop of Davenport Chancellor

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