Jul 092015

To the Editor:

I have a daughter who recently graduated from high school so it made me reflect on her character and the woman she has become.  In asking my daughter the highlights of her high school years, it seemed that the diocesan youth programs were at the top of her list. Most important was her involvement in the Diocesan Youth Ministry Committee (DYMC). Grace’s love of Jesus and her faith have continued to blossom as a result of her diocesan involvement.

Several people had a huge part in Grace’s faith formation. Thank you to Don Boucher for your leadership in overseeing the many diocesan youth programs. You have been a constant support and a great role model to Grace.  Thank you to Diane Tone for planting the seed for Grace’s exciting faith formation journey.  Diane continues to be an outstanding example of a nurturing, educating, creative and fun youth coordinator.  Linda Gent was Grace’s youth coordinator through most of her high school years. Linda was an involved, fun and loving teacher. She exposed Grace to the experience of mission trips and got her hooked!  As a result, Grace discovered the joy of true giving.

Grace served on the DYMC for two years and loved every minute of it! Mike Linnenbrink has been an outstanding adult leader in our diocese. His zeal for youth ministry has had a big impact on Grace. Pat Sheil, also on DYMC, was Grace’s small group leader at Christian Leadership Institute. Pat is a wonderful example of a Christian leader and has been a huge influence on Grace’s Christian leadership skill development.  I give a special thank you to all of the adult DYMC leaders. You truly make a difference and touch the lives of our youth! It really does take a village!

Mary Edwards

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