Jul 232015

KNOXVILLE — Harv Sprafka recalls the many selfless acts of service that Dr. George Andrew and his wife LaVonne Andrew shared with the Knoxville community: “The late Dr. George H. Andrew personified Service Above Self by sharing his time, talents and treasures. For 54 years, through his profession as an optometrist, a citizen of Knoxville, St. Anthony Catholic Church parishioner and a Knoxville Rotary member, he served on numerous boards and commissions and led many significant projects.”
In 2005, when Sprafka served as Knoxville Rotary Club president, he established the Service Above Self Award that personifies Rotary’s motto and values. The Dr. George H. Andrew Service Above Self Award is presented annually to a Knoxville Rotary Club member who consistently personifies the Service Above Self Rotary motto. Of the 10 honored with the award, four are from St. Anthony Parish in Knoxville. They are Dick Schrad (2009, received in 2010), Sprafka (2011, received in 2012), Pennie Sommar (2013, received in 2014) and Carolyn Formanek (2014, received in 2015).
— T. Waldmann-Williams

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