Jan 072016

To the Editor:
With the holiday break concluded, some of our children will have plenty to talk about when they return to school. Perhaps they will share stories about visiting family, a vacation trip, exploring the state or holiday gifts.
However, it appears that more than just our children are taking a break. The presidential candidates seem to have taken a very long break when it comes to addressing the issue of children living in poverty. Unfortunately, for one in six Iowa children, a break from poverty is not an option, and they probably did not have a wonderful holiday.
With the Iowa Caucus just weeks away, let’s hold the candidates accountable when it comes to issues affecting our kids. Iowans: please don’t take a break when it comes to Caucusing for Kids. Speak up for our most precious and most vulnerable resource.
Barb Merrill
Executive Director, Iowa Association for the Education of Young Children
Des Moines, Iowa

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