Feb 252016

By Mike Duffy

During Lent we fast;
In my grief, my appetite is gone!
During Lent we get reminders from whence we came and where we’ll return;
In my grief, this is all I think about!
During Lent we atone for our sins;
In my grief, my focus is trying to understand God’s will!
During Lent we forfeit luxuries to experience suffering;
In my grief, I have constant suffering!
Lent is a special time for preparing ourselves.
So how does someone who is grieving a loss;
Someone who is emotionally vulnerable;
Someone who is questioning God;
Put mind and heart into the Lenten season?
By allowing the Holy Spirit to touch our lives, our very souls,
We will be guided down the right path.
We must pray to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit daily.
We must ask for intercessions of our Blessed Mother and saints.
Grief is our burden and Jesus was faced with his burdens;
He did not face them alone and neither should we!
Jesus looked to his Father for guidance and comfort and so must we.
This Lenten season, be thankful for the sacrifices Jesus made for us.
Let God ease our burdens. Pray!

(Mike Duffy is co-facilitator for the grief ministry support group at St. Paul the Apostle Parish in Davenport.)

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  1. I would like your permission to make copies of this post for an upcoming grief support meeting at our cemetery offices. Thank you.

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