Mar 172016

To the editor:
It was a beautiful Monday evening and the wonderful priests were gathered at Our Lady of Lourdes (Betten­dorf) for the sacrament of reconciliation. I just want to write and thank all the priests who were in attendance and I want to thank any priest who reads this letter. You are truly a gift from God and I thank you for your vocation to be a priest in the Catholic Church. And I thank God for you!
At my age of over 70, I realize more and more the gift of Jesus in the holy Eucharist. There is no one on earth but you who has the authority to bring Jesus to us in the holy Eucharist. Your hands are consecrated. The great moment at Mass is when you say the words of consecration. I thank God the Father always for the gift of the Eucharist and his priests.
But for the Eucharist to be ever so welcome in my soul, I hope it is clean and pure. The best way is the partaking of the sacrament of reconciliation. What a wonderful gift of forgiveness that Jesus has given us. And all the priests are Jesus to us in the sacrament. Thank you Jesus!
Yes, my sins are forgiven; now may I forgive myself. Go to Mass and reconciliation.
William Grothus

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