May 262016

To the Editor:
It was a beautiful evening at St. Paul the Apostle Church in Davenport last night (May 16). It was the occasion of the second annual Blue Mass and to see all the police, firemen and first responders there was awesome. I wish to inform them that while the prayers last night were special, they were not just for last night but are never-ending prayers. It is good for the church to lead the way in appreciation of the dedicated servants of the public trust in protection and help. God bless them all and their dedication to kindness, mercy and self-control. They had guns but I never felt so safe in all my life!
They exemplified that guns and self control are the essence of the laws of our land. Interesting that, as a former teacher, I used to have students every once in a while be fidgety or talkative when it was not appropriate. I would sometimes tell the student to stop and eventually I told the student and the class, “If you do not have self control, you cannot learn.” And, if you have no self control, don’t become a police man. A person without self control who has a gun is very dangerous. So, in common sense, the gun does not kill; it is the heart of the person that has the gun that determines how it will be used.
The heart of the first responders last night was one of love and kindness. God bless them all and keep them safe and always in self control. Amen; prayers continue.
William Grothus

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