Gun free zones are not the answer

To the Editor:
After reading the June 23, edition of the Messenger I have a couple of thoughts. In the “Persons, places and things” column only two possible reasons for the mass murder in Orlando were considered, both having to do with homosexuality. I fear the Messenger and or the author have become so politically correct that they cannot acknowledge the existence of radical Islamic jihadist terrorism; the same ideology that celebrates the beheading of Christians or burning them alive in cages.
I agree with the suggestion in the editorial to contact our political leaders, but to request they pass a law outlawing gun-free zones! These zones such as military bases, schools, theaters, malls, and night clubs have become magnets for mass murdering psychos regardless of their motivation. Although they scoff at gun laws themselves, they trust that law-abiding armed citizens will not be present to stop them or protect others.
Myles Miller

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