Sep 292016

To the Editor:

All of us want a candidate who has the answers to problems we want resolved to make our world a better place. The question: Is the candidate we prefer what God wants?

Most of the time, we take God out of showing us what he wants. God made us and wants all of us to be with him in heaven. The two commandments we need to follow are to love him and our neighbor as ourselves. We’re all sinners, including politicians. God chose people like David and Paul who weren’t perfect and did some bad stuff.

Just like Paul and David, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump aren’t perfect. Trump has mocked women, immigrants, the weak and disabled. Clinton is pro choice and strongly opposes keeping God in the public square.

Which candidate, Clinton or Trump, does God want leading our country?

We need to pray and find out what he wants before making our decision because that’s what matters!

Pat McCauley

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  1. Thank you for this too.

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