Nov 032016

To the Editor:
Thank you for the article on redemptive suffering. In our society, suffering is usually not valued but rather avoided if possible. Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice taught us differently. By uniting our suffering with his, we share in the redemptive power of the cross.
Like your relative, our son was diagnosed with Acute Lym­pho­blastic Leukemia in February 2015 at the age of 9 and will be in treatment until June 2018. While the journey has not been easy for him or for us, we have been strengthened by our belief in the value of suffering and the promise of eternal life.
In addition, our suffering has blessed us by making us more aware of and able to be a source of support for others who are suffering. It has helped strengthen our focus on what is truly important in this life. Finally, suffering has exposed us to so many kind and caring people, restoring our faith in the goodness of humanity, something that we had begun to doubt with all of the evil things happening in our country and in the world.
Julie and Randall Zude

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