Intercommunication and a new Pentecost

To the Editor:

Father Ron Rolheiser’s excellent article on intercommunion in the June 27 issue raised an important concern to many Catholics and non-Catholics who attend funerals and other Masses in our Catholic churches.

His intention was to provide theological insights for the bishops.

One very influential voice on this matter was Father Godfrey Diekmann, expert (peritus) at the Second Vatican Council. He pointed out that the Catholic Tradition maintained that the Eucharist not only manifests unity but also causes unity. Return to the practices of intercommunion of the first 10 years after the Council could address the irritation I hear so often expressed. Many do not understand or agree with the explicit prohibition for non-Catholics from receiving the body and blood of Christ, especially at funerals and weddings.

Obviously much more discussion is needed. However, intercommunion of baptized Christians at those occasions could be encouraged and might contribute to the renewal or new Pentecost now desired by our diocese.

Donald Moeller, Davenport
(Professor Emeritus, St. Ambrose University, Davenport)

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