Sep 162009

Why has our country fallen so far downhill? Too many citizens have abandoned prayer.

“Prayer is a vital necessity. Nothing is equal to prayer.” — Quoted from the “Catechism of the Catholic Church.”

I get dozens of letters in the mail all begging for money in order to lift up our country. So I answer with a widow’s mite and beg them to pray.

Too many writers are scared and believe lots of money is their answer.

From 94 years of personal experience, I know “prayer changes things.” Money is necessary, yes, but lifting our heart and mind to God is even more necessary.

Let’s not be like the servant who buried his one talent, did nothing and was called wicked. Suicide, I read is on the rise. Abortion has pushed our U.S. downhill. We need help from God to end abortion.

Mary Doering

Fort Madison

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