Jan 282016

“My son Johnny attended St. James School from three-year-old preschool through sixth grade. My daughter Lindsay is now in her last year here at St. James. My husband and I decided to send them to St. James because we wanted for them to be able to express what they believe in and know that it is okay to talk about Jesus, Mary, the saints, etc.”
— Genoveva Diaz, St. James School-Washington parent

“Having attended Catholic schools from kindergarten through 12th grade myself, I like the small, caring environment that you experience in a Catholic school.  The lower number of kids per classroom makes it easier for teachers to be able to assist all the students with their needs on a regular basis.  I love that religion is a focus of the school and that my daughter is able to learn about our faith on a daily basis now that she is attending a Catholic school.”
— Brenda Starr, St. Vincent School-Keokuk parent

“I appreciate the opportunity to attend Prince of Peace because it is a way to learn and grow in God as well as get a formal education. Every teacher here incorporates God in their teaching. Our school is very family oriented.  It was very easy and comfortable to adjust to this lifestyle, as I came into the faith at the same time I started at this school.”
— Brittany Eshelman, senior, Prince of Peace Catholic School-Clinton

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