Call out racism

To the Editor:

A letter to the Messenger (Aug. 19 edition) seeming to me to play down concern about racism, called attention to a body of esoteric scholarship. Please read that literature. But you know racism when you see it.

In my view, when neighbors express concern that two houses in the neighborhood were sold to Black women that is racism.

When a presidential candidate announced he was going to take back the country from a Black president that is racism.


When many states make laws to suppress future votes of Black people that is racism.

When parents of young Black men must give “the talk” about what to say and do if stopped by police while driving home from school that is racism.

Whether caused by welfare or not, racism is still rampant all around the country and is a very serious sin.

We Catholics are called above all to love our God and our neighbor as ourselves. That means we are equally called to call out and fight racism whatever it is called.

Donald Moeller

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