“Green Smoothie’ or ‘Green Anti-Oxidant Frenzy’

Submitted by Fr. William Kneemiller


In a Vita-Mix or good blender, add:
1 c. water
1-2 c kale or spinach or a green
1-2 bananas
1-tablepoon whole flax seed, I like golden flax
1 apple, cored, with skin on, no seeds
1 orange or lemon, peeled
1/5 c blueberries or any fresh or frozen fruit
1 cup ice


Blend; add walnuts or any kind of nuts if you want some more protein
I end with 1/2 dozen walnuts on low blend for a few seconds to make
it into a ‘Crunchy’, if you want a variation of a ‘Smoothie”.


The recipe is simple with many variations, the key is 1-2 cups of fresh


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